Month: January 2018

JICWEBS and TAG align UK and US brand safety and anti-fraud initiatives

The two leading cross-industry standards bodies in the UK and US today announced they are aligning many of their key initiatives to create a consistent approach to tackling the big issues facing digital advertising and to increase industry adoption. The Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS) will continue to drive brand safety efforts in the UK while the Trustworthy...

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Havas gains JICWEBS certification for anti-fraud and brand safety

Havas has become the latest major media agency to be certified for both brand safety and anti-fraud by JICWEBS – the independent body that sets best practice and standards for trusted online ad trading in the UK. Havas takes the list of certifications for brand safety and anti-fraud to 72. Certification is awarded if an independent audit – from the likes of ABC, BPA...

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