How We Work

JICWEBS set standards that companies can be independently verified to. Companies that register with JICWEBS and become signatories can then be independently verified to show how they meet these standards. Once verified they’ll received JICWEBS certification.

JICWEBS Standards are constantly evolving to keep pace with the needs of the industry.

Standards Groups

An important part of what we do is to consult with the wider industry about what they believe the standards should contain. We get guidance and recommendations from across the industry through the standards groups. These groups meet throughout the year and each one has its own objective area of specialist interest – for example the DTSG Brand Safety group specifically looks at Good Practice and Standards around keeping brands safe online. The groups meet to debate and discuss the issues affecting the industry and make recommendations to the JICWEBS Standards Board as to how the standards could evolve.

Each group has a specific remit, and a structure designed to draw from a representative cross-section of the industry. These representatives each hold a seat on one of the groups to ensure that the guidance we receive from the industry is balanced according to its diverse needs. You can see the terms of reference documents for each group below– these give more information on the objectives, scope and membership:

Viewable Impressions Commercial Group Terms of Reference
Anti Fraud Commercial Group Terms of Reference
DTSG Brand Safety Commercial Group Terms of Reference

The meeting dates for the first half of 2019 are:

07/02/2019 – Brand Safety (DTSG) Commercial Group, IPA

14/03/2019  – Technical Group,  IAB

19/03/2019 – Standards Board, IPA

25/04/2019 – Anti Fraud Commercial Group, IAB

30/04/2019 – Viewability Group, IAB

21/05/2019 – Brand Safety (DTSG) Commercial Group, IPA

13/06/2019 – Technical Group, IAB

26/06/2019 – Standards Board, IPA

Any JICWEBS Signatory can raise issues relating to any group via their trade body. Non-trade body member signatories can contact JICWEBS directly.

To find out more about getting involved please contact us.


Industry-wide standards group meet and debate how the standards can evolve. They make proposals to JICWEBS


JICWEBS review the proposals and define how they can be incorporated into the standards and best practice guidance


Companies can be independently certified against these updated standards to bring trust and transparency to the marketplace.


Delivering Certification

To gain certification to JICWEBS standards you need to be independently verified by a JICWEBS approved verification provider:

JICWEBS approves the following verification providers.

DTSG Brand Safety ABC, BPA Worldwide, ePrivacy
Anti Fraud (Process) ABC, BPA
Anti Fraud (Products) ABC
Content Verification Products ABC
Viewability Products ABC