Our Team

Jules Kendrick

Chief Executive Officer
Jules leads JICWEBS, working with the team, the Executive Board and key stakeholders to ensure JICWEBS meets our industry’s needs.
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Richard Foan

Richard leads our industry relationships globally and locally, through key trade bodies, representing the cross-industry trading environment.
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Scott Burford

Scott manages the Commercial function. He advises and supports in the onboarding of new JICWEBS signatories.
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Susan Hansford

Susan was the first member of the JICWEBS team and is responsible for subscriber engagement.
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Simon Devitt

Simon is responsible for JICWEBS’ commercial relationships and strategic partnerships, such as TAG.
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Liz Hoar

Liz is responsible for marketing JICWEBS and communicating our important work to the industry.
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Jo Waugh

Business and Marketing
Jo plays a central role in co-ordinating and supporting sales and marketing activity within JICWEBS.
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Executive Board

These are the representatives from the various trade bodies who make up our Board:

John Mew

Chief Executive, IAB UK

Belinda Beeftink

Research Director, IPA

Richard Reeves

Managing Director, AOP

Phil Smith

Director General, ISBA


Nigel Gwilliam

Digital Consultant, IPA

Christie Dennehy-Neil

Head of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, IAB

Steve Chester

Director of Media, ISBA

Richard Reeves

Managing Director, AOP