Become Certified

If you want JICWEBS certification, there are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Register

You first need to become a JICWEBS signatory by registering with us. This also signals your intention to undergo independent verification within 6 months.   You can download the registration form here. Once registered your logo will be listed on our website.

  1. Appoint a verification provider

Next, you choose a JICWEBS approved independent verification provider. They will be able to discuss your requirement and help you with the process and any questions you may have. This part of the process usually takes between 1 and 3 months.

  1. Submit your information

Finally, you submit the verification providers findings to us, so we can see how you meet our standards.

  1. Become certified!

Once approved you’ll receive your JICWEBS certification and seal. Our website is updated to show this information including detail on how you meet our standards.


JICWEBS signatories pay an annual fee, based on self-declared annual turnover. If you’re a member of a one of JICWEBS founding trade bodies – the AOP, IAB UK, IPA and ISBA – then this fee is reduced by 65%.


TURNOVER Fees Trade body discounted fees
 <£10m  £8,286  £2,900
£10m – £100m  £14,000  £4,900
£100m – £250m  £20,000  £7,000
£250m+  £71,429  £25,000


Verification providers

To gain JICWEB certification to JICWEBS standards you need to be independently verified by a JICWEBS approved verification provider:

JICWEBS approves the following verification providers.

DTSG Brand Safety ABC, BPA Worldwide, ePrivacy
Anti Fraud (Process) ABC, BPA
Anti Fraud (Products) ABC
Content Verification Products ABC
Viewability Products ABC