Ad Fraud

There are two different sets of standards that JICWEBS advocate, to bring greater transparency around how companies tackle advertising fraud online.

TAG – Certified Against Fraud

TAG launched its Certified Against Fraud programme in 2016 to combat invalid traffic in the digital advertising supply chain.

This programme replaced the JICWEBS Anti Ad Fraud Good Practice Principles as the main Anti-Fraud Standard for the UK market from January 2019.

There are 9 key requirements for this programme:
1. Complete TAG registration/company search
2. Have a designated TAG compliance officer
3. Attend ‘Certified Against Fraud’ annual training
4. Comply with Detection and Filtration guidelines
5. Employ Domain Threat Filtering and IP Threat Filtering
6. Implement Publisher Sourcing Disclosures
7. Implement Payment ID System
8. Implement Ads.txt
9. And all of this needs to be independently verified for the UK

You can read more here.

Certification for Anti Fraud Products  

Ad Fraud Products can also be certified by JICWEBS against the JICWEBS UK Traffic Taxonomy.

The JICWEBS UK Traffic Taxonomy outlines the 16 different types of fraudulent traffic. Anti-Fraud Products that aim to stop fraudulent traffic can be verified against whether they are capable of identifying and/or excluding these 16 types of fraudulent traffic.